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CBD Dosages
CBD Usage

If you’re just now dipping your toes into the world of medicinal CBD, you might feel a little lost when deciding how to take it.  Figuring out how to correctly dose CBD will be important in maximizing the benefits of the medicine.

  • You or your pet can not overdose on CBD
  • For best results drops should be placed and held under the tongue for a minimum of 90 seconds (or longer) before swallowing
  • Most people or pets start with 10-15 drops per serving and adjust based on the results
  • Results may vary greatly.  We encourage you to adjust dosage amounts and frequency based on your results
  • Biggest mistake most people make is not taking enough CBD
  • Taken before bed will result in better sleep
  • Taken during the day will result in more relaxed focus
  • Can be used topically for skin issues and areas of pain
  • There appears to be no interference between CBD and medication, yet you should check with our physician
More CBD usage tips:

If you are giving the CBD to your child or dog, they will require a smaller dose of CBD than a full grown adult.

Another factor to consider is whether you want mild, moderate, or higher effects of the CBD.

Make sure you start out with smaller doses and work your way up to what works best for you.

Your tolerance for CBD may increase over time, so if you notice a decrease in effectiveness, adjust the dosage accordingly.

If you are an adult or child starting CBD treatment, 5 milligrams would a be a good starting off point.  Children, babies, or dogs may feel the necessary benefits at just 1-5 milligrams, but if not, they can be increased to 7-10 milligrams per use.

Most adults, depending on their symptoms, will need to take at least ten milligrams 1-2 times daily for desired effects.  Larger men and women may need to double that amount for the best results.

CBD should be taken once or twice daily, depending on your preference and needs.

If your CBD dose is higher than what is needed, don’t worry, you can’t overdose from CBD. At most, a higher dose of CBD will simply make you feel tired (which
is great for people with trouble sleeping).

Finding the correct CBD dose is important so you can maximize the effects of the medicine, while using the minimum amount needed, which will save you money.